Corporate Shuttle Services in Cleveland

Offer Shuttles for Your Employees in Cleveland

A corporate shuttle service has always been a great way to attract potential employees and reduce stress for your current team. But in this time of social distancing, it’s become more crucial than ever to offer your employees alternatives to public transportation or rideshares. If you decide an employee shuttle service might be right for you, you can call Cleveland Charter Bus Company at (216) 260-0973 to talk about what your business needs.

Choose Your Own Route and Schedule

Although Cleveland offers light rail and bus service, it can be difficult to access for people who don’t live near a station, and many workers are reluctant to take public transit during a pandemic. When you book a charter bus, you can create your own route to ensure employees get picked up near their homes and dropped off right at your workplace.

Shuttle buses also operate on your schedule. Whether you need a fleet of shuttles before 9 and after 5 or you’re searching for third-shift transportation that runs at midnight, Cleveland Charter Bus Company has got you covered.

Keep Employees Safe

Even if employees have access to public transit, they may not be comfortable riding it anytime soon. There’s no way for you to control how often city buses are cleaned or how far apart people stand on the train.

On a shuttle bus, you have control over social distancing and sanitation measures. You can request a 56- or 25-person bus, even if you don’t have that many people, to allow passengers to sit apart. You also decide whether passengers have to wear masks and whether temperature checks are required. Your driver will always wear a mask, and they’ll make sure the bus is regularly cleaned and high-touch surfaces are sanitized.

Help Employees Work or Relax

Request amenities like free WiFi and power outlets on your bus so your team can get a headstart on checking their email or putting together a presentation. Want to save work for the office? You and your coworkers can lean back in reclining seats and use the WiFi to listen to podcasts or check social media instead.

Make Transportation Accessible to Everyone

People living with chronic illnesses probably want to avoid public transportation at the moment, and train and bus stations can always be difficult to navigate if you have a mobility-related disability. If you need accessible transportation, contact Cleveland Charter Bus Company and ask for an ADA-compliant bus.

The accessible buses in our network offer wider aisles, wheelchair lifts and wheelchair seating. They’ll be thoroughly cleaned, and they include comfortable amenities that help out all passengers, like climate control and overhead storage to keep your bags and laptops out of your way.

Set Up Shuttles Wherever You Need Them

Your corporate shuttle service doesn’t just have to take your employees to and from work each day. We can help your team travel between multiple workspaces in cities like Dayton or Columbus or from a parking lot to a construction site.

And when conferences and tradeshows kick back into gear, Cleveland Charter Bus Company can provide transportation for those too. We’ll take your employees quickly and safely from the airport to hotels, restaurants, and all of the meetings and events that make up the conference.

Book Your Employee Shuttle Service in Cleveland

If you think a corporate shuttle service would help your team, give Cleveland Charter Bus Company a call at (216) 260-0973. We’re available 24/7 to draw up a long-term contract for the employee shuttle service your business needs.